English 1100: Close Reading Essays (40% of Overall Course Grade)


As the capstone of this course, you will write a 8-10 page seminar paper on Tess of the D’Urbervilles. The objectives of this papers is as follows:

  • To demonstrate your understanding of the concepts discussed over the course of this semester
  • To practice articulating an original argument about literature
  • To practice ethical research

I will be handing out the assignment in class, but links to the handout will be provided in the course calendar and below.


  • Must be on Tess.
  • 8-10 pages.
  • This paper will be in place of your final exam. There will be no final exam, and we will not be meeting during the university scheduled final exam period.
  • Your paper is the capstone of this course and should demonstrate your understanding of the concepts you learned during the semester.
  • While this course is designed to lead you from your reading notes through revisions of progressively longer essays that culminate in this essay, if that process becomes too restrictive for you, you may turn in something focusing on a completely new thesis.