English 1100: Revision Process (20% of Overall Course Grade)


As you work on writing your seminar paper on Tess of the D’Urbervilles, you will be required to show me your progress at various stages.  The objectives of these assignments are as follows:

  • To demonstrate that you are making progress on your seminar paper.
  • To practice important tasks in research writing, including generating a thesis, outlining your argument, performing research,  ethically integrating your research into your rough draft, and revising your rough draft.

I will be handing out the assignments in class, but links to the handouts will be provided in the course calendar and below.


  • Reading Notes: 10% of your Revision Process Grade.
    • As you read Tess of the D’Urbervilles, you will be keeping a list of various themes, words, phrases, or other details that spark your interest with relevant page numbers.
    • Handout: reading-notes-assignment
  • 1st Rough Thesis: 5% of your Revision Process Grade.
    • After we finish reading Tess of the D’Urbervilles and you have written all of your short close readings, you will be turning in a rough thesis sentence for your Seminar Paper. This can be the same thesis sentence you intend to use for your Context Revision.
  • Annotated Bibliography: 40% of your Revision Process Grade
    • In preparation for your Context Revision and your Seminar Paper, you will need to perform research and prepare a properly formatted Works Cited page including possible scholarly sources that you may use with notes for each source.
  • Updated Rough Thesis & Outline: 15% of your Revision Process Grade
    • After you complete your Context Revision and Annotated Bibliography, you will turn in an updated version of your current thesis sentence along with an outline demonstrating how you intend to support it.
  • Rough Draft: 15% of your Revision Process Grade
    • You will need to turn in a draft of your seminar paper.
    • Must be a minimum of five pages.
    • Should integrate references to the critical, social, and biographical context of the novel.
    • May incorporate revisions of your Context Revision and any of your Short Essays.
    • Must incorporate your current outline.
  • Individual Conference: 15% of your Revision Process Grade.
    • During the final week of class (the week before final’s week), we will not be meeting as normal. Instead, I will be scheduling one-on-one meetings with each of you to discuss your papers. If you miss your meeting with me, you will receive a zero for your Individual Conference grade.