English 1100: Class Participation (20% of Overall Course Grade)


I will be assigning each student a participation grade each class based on my observations of each student’s contributions within the classroom. To do well in this class, you will need to be present on time, be prepared, and be an active participant in our classroom community. Your classroom participation will be graded on all the activities we may do in the classroom, such as class discussions, classroom writing activities, and peer review of another student’s work. Each of you will be called on to discuss any assigned readings, and no one can expect to hide in the back of the room. Periodically, you might be asked to respond to a creative writing prompt. You are not expected to be a creative writing genius, but you should still try to have fun and do your best.

Our classroom is a safe place, and all of us are expected to be respectful and supportive of the work of others. Your classroom participation grade will be based in part on whether you treat your classmates with the dignity and respect they deserve. Hate speech, bullying, or disrespectful treatment of others will not be tolerated. As stated in the Civility Statement endorsed by the WMU Faculty Senate, “[e]veryone is asked to do their part in creating a healthy and positive university community and a culture that truly values each member’s uniqueness, experiences, and perspectives.” In particular, everyone at this University has the right to be free from sexual and gender-based discrimination, harassment, violence, and all other forms of prohibited conduct described in the University’s published policy on sexual misconduct, including stalking and intimate partner violence. More information on University policies on sexual misconduct can be found here: http://www.wmich.edu/sexualmisconduct/about.


  • Semester average for all class periods after dropping the 3 lowest class period grades.
  • Does not include the first day of class.