Consolidated Assignment Schedule

This page lists the due dates of all of your assignments this semester.  I will provide more details about each assignment before they are due. Links to the assignment sheets can all be found on the class calendar.

Thursday, September 20th

Short Essay #1 due

Thursday, September 27th

Seminar Paper: Primary Work Choice due

Thursday, October 4th

Short Essay #2 due

Tuesday, October 16th

Short Essay #3 due

Thursday, October 25th

Seminar Paper: 1st Rough Thesis due

Thursday, November 1st

Short Essay #4 due

Tuesday, November 13th

Seminar Paper:  Updated Rough Thesis & Outline due

Thursday, November 15th

Seminar Paper: Annotated Bibliography due. Turn in electronically through Elearning using the “Assignments” dropbox by 11:59 p.m.

Tuesday, November 20th

Seminar Paper: Rough Draft due (minimum of five pages). PRINT OUT TWO COPIES AND BRING BOTH TO CLASS!

Tuesday, November 27th

Seminar Paper: Individual conferences–NO CLASS

Thursday, November 29th

Seminar Paper: Individual conferences–NO CLASS

Tuesday, December 4th

Creative Project Presentations:

  1. Wolfe-Wagner, Grace M.
  2. Wilkinson, Megan R.
  3. Reberg, Mitch C.
  4. Mason, Mike B.
  5. Reed, Hannah E.
  6. Esser, Nikki A.
  7. Daddio, Alisha
  8. Bowen, Emily C.
  9. Shannon, Masyn N.

Thursday, December 6th

Portfolio Assignment due

Creative Project Presentations:

  1. Leatherman-Munn, Twyla N.
  2. Frego, Chris M.
  3. Cronkright, Hannah R.
  4. Fairnot, Dayna
  5. Prater, Caylee L.
  6. Sawhney, Sehej
  7. Redmond, Rachael A.
  8. Steele, Allie K.
  9. Yahr, Nicholas A.

Thursday, December 13th

Final Exam: 8-10 a.m.

All Elearning Quizzes due by 8 a.m.

Friday, December 14th @ 11:59 pm

Seminar Paper due (turn in through Elearning using the “Final Seminar Paper” dropbox)

All late work due (turn it in through Elearning using the “Late Work) dropbox)