English 1100 Project 4:  Drama


For this project, you will be writing a short essay (at least 1 page) comparing two specific performances of the same scene (4.1) from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, when Beatrice convinces Benedict to confront Claudio. For your essay, you need to focus on the performance and the staging of that performance. You can watch the two scenes here:

  1. Branagh’s version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WDos5YgNjI
  2. Whedon’s version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzuWf66R2HY

With the performance and staging in mind, address the following:

  • What differences in performance and staging do you notice?
  • How do those differences affect the scene?
  • Which version do you prefer? Why?
  • If you were the director, would you have chosen to do anything different about the performance or staging? Why or why not?


You do not need to cite to any sources or have a works cited page. Just respond to the videos.


Your essay should be properly formatted:

  • Should be in Times New Roman, Size 12 font, with 1 inch margins

Important Dates

  • Essay Final Draft: due December 16th by 11:59 pm. Submit as a PDF or Word file using the “Project 4 Final Draft” dropbox.

Grading (20% of your final grade)

  • Essay Final Draft: 75%
    • Due to how abbreviated our drama unit turned out to be and the short amount of time you have to write this, I am going to grade quite leniently:
      • I will not be marking anyone down based on grammar, punctuation, spelling, tone, ect. Feel free to write this in a relaxed, casual fashion in your own voice.
      • I will not be marking anyone down based on the quality of the thesis or the structure of the essay.
      • I will just be looking at how well you support your argument by using the evidence you find in these two video clips.
      • Anyone that shows me a good faith effort to analyze these scenes will get at least an 85% (B) on this.
    • The “Drama Quiz” mentioned on the syllabus: 25%
      • Due to our abbreviated drama unit, I am just going to give you all 100% on this. You’re welcome.

Late Work & Revision

  • Your essays cannot be late or revised. I need to grade them and get your grades to the Registrar’s office. The last second of Final Exam week is the last possible second I can accept any work, and there is no time left for revisions.