English 1100 Project 1:  Fiction


For this project, you will be writing a short essay (3 pages) in which you support an original thesis regarding any patterns you see reoccurring in the three stories we read by Flannery O’Connor: A Good Man is Hard to Find, Good Country People, Everything That Rises Must Converge. For example, your thesis sentence might look something like this: “In (titles of stories), (author’s name) explores the conflict between X and Y.”

Your thesis also must focus on one or both of the following topics covered in class:

  • Narration/Point of View
  • Theme

You do not need to do any research beyond what is contained within your anthology, but you should have at least four sources:

  • All three Flannery O’Connor stories;
  • At least one selection from the following:
    • One of Flannery O’Connor’s essays or letters that are included in your anthology starting on page 506; OR
    • One of the three critical essays included in your anthology (either Mary Gordon’s, Ann E. Reuman’s, or Eileen Pollack’s essay).


You may discuss the stories in whatever sequence you find helpful. For example, you could discuss one at a time. Alternatively, you could skip back and forth between stories discussing all three at the same time regarding each subpart of your argument. As another alternative, you could use one of the stories as the focal point of your argument, and draw in the other two as needed. However you chose to order your discussion, you should still make sure you are focusing on patterns you see reoccurring in all three works.

If you are lost in formulating a thesis, the following questions might help you. You do not need to answer these questions. I am just providing them to help you get started. However, you can choose to focus on one of these questions if you would like to:

  • To what degree do O’Connor’s statements about writing conform to her practice?
  • How might O’Connor’s background have influenced her writing?


You will also be taking an in-class quiz on the terms discussed in class and the stories we have read. The questions that will be on the quiz will be a selection from questions that will be available online through Elearning for at least a week before hand.

Assignment Specifics.

  • Essay:
    • Write a 3-page essay with an original thesis regarding the patterns in narration/point of view or theme that you notice in all three of Flannery O’Connor’s stories.
    • Reference either one of O’Connor’s own essays or letters or one of the critical essays about O’Connor included in your anthology.
    • Should follow the MLA rules for citation and format.
    • Should be in Times New Roman, Size 12 font, with 1 inch to 1.25 inch margins
    • Submit as a PDF through Elearning using the “Project 1: Final Draft” dropbox.
  • Quiz:
    • Short in-class quiz (approximately 15 minutes).
    • You will not be able to use your books or any electronic device during the quiz.
    • All the questions will be available online through Elearning for you to practice.

Due Dates

  • In-Class Fiction Quiz: October 6th
  • Essay Final Draft: October 11th by 11:59 pm


  • In-Class Fiction Quiz: 25%
  • Essay Final Draft: 75%

This project will comprise 20% of your final grade for the class.

Late Work

  • Your essays may be turned in late any time prior to 11:59 pm on the Friday of final exam week. However, your grade on your final drafts will decrease by 3% for every day overdue up to a maximum penalty of 15%. If you turn in your paper late, I cannot guarantee I will have time to grade it until the end of the semester.
    • You may turn in your revised version through Elearning as a pdf using the “Late Work” dropbox.
  • If you miss class on the day of the quiz, talk to me about rescheduling. A 5% penalty will be assessed against your quiz grade.


After you receive your grade for your essay, I will permit you to turn in a revised version once to try to get a better grade. To receive a better grade, however, your revised version must demonstrate substantial improvement and revision. Superficial changes will not result in a better grade. You are encouraged to meet with me prior to turning in your revised version.

If you choose to revise your essay, you may turn it in at any time in the semester prior to 11:59 pm on the Friday of the final exam week. However, any late penalties you received from turning in your final draft late the first time will carry over to your revised version. You may turn in your revised version through Elearning as a pdf using the “Revision” dropbox.

You may also retry the quiz during the final exam period. If so, please notify me beforehand. Some of the questions may be the same, some will be different, but all will still be from the among the questions posted on Elearning about the Fiction terms and readings.