English 1050 Project 1:  Persuasive Writing


We will begin our semester by exploring three important rhetorical concepts—logos, pathos, and ethos—that you can use to become more persuasive when supporting a thesis. While exploring these three concepts, we will also consider the extent to which your audience and any possible counterarguments may affect your persuasive writing. Because persuasion often needs to occur within tight time and length restrictions, we will be looking especially at how to be persuasive when you do not have the space to communicate a full argument. While doing so, you will need to identify and use the elements of the persuasive essay genre. You will also need to consider how grammar and word choice affect persuasive writing.

In this project, you will be tasked with choosing a topic that you would feel comfortable defending. You will then write a well-reasoned opinion as a letter to the editor of The Western Herald. As you write, you will need to consider the following:

  • The position you want to persuade readers to adopt;
  • The genre requirements for writing a letter to the editor for The Western Herald;
  • The audience of The Western Herald;
  • The voice you should adopt for your audience.

Assignment Specifics

  • Topic Statement:
    • Submit a one sentence statement of your chosen topic using the “Project 1 Topic” assignment in Eli Review.
  • First Paragraph
    • Write at least the first paragraph of your Project 1 letter to the editor. Submit it through Eli Review using the “Project 1 First Paragraph” assignment.
  • Rough Draft:
    • Submit through Eli Review using the “Project 1: Rough Draft” assignment.
  • Final Draft:
    • Write a letter to the editor that adheres to the requirements for submitting a letter to the editor to The Western Herald
    • Submit as a PDF through Elearning using the “Project 1: Final Draft” dropbox.

Due Dates

  • Topic Statement: Due January 20th.
  • First Paragraph: Due January 20th.
  • Rough Drafts: Due January 24th.
  • Final Drafts: Due January 31st.


  • Topic Statement: 5%
  • First Paragraph: 5%
  • Rough Draft: 20%
  • Final Drafts: 70%

Only your final drafts will be graded rigorously. For your topic statement, first paragraph, and rough drafts, I will assign grades using the check system. See the class syllabus for more details.

This project will comprise 10% of your final grade for the class.

Late Work

  • Your topic statement, first paragraph, and rough draft may be turned in late for a possible check minus any time prior to the final exam period at the end of the semester.
  • Your final drafts may also be turned in late any time prior to the final exam period. However, your grade on your final drafts will decrease by 5% for every day overdue up to a maximum penalty of 30%.
  • Technological difficulties are not an excuse.


After you receive your grade for your final draft, I will permit you to turn in a revised version once to try to get a better grade. To receive a better grade, however, your revised version must demonstrate substantial improvement and revision. Superficial changes will not result in a better grade. You are encouraged to meet with me prior to turning in your revised version.

If you choose to revise your final draft, you may turn it in at any time in the semester prior to the scheduled final exam period. However, any late penalties you received from turning in your final draft late the first time will carry over to your revised version. You may turn in your revised version through Elearning as a pdf using the Revision dropbox.


English 1050 Project 1 Assignment

English 1050 Project 1 Goals

English 1050 Project 1 Rubric

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