English 1050 Project 3:  Unfamiliar Genre Project


Now that you have had some practice using persuasive techniques to support a thesis, you will begin learning how to use research as well. For this project, you will be randomly assigned a genre. For instance, you might be assigned “poetry” as a genre. Your task will be to become an expert in your genre. To do so, you will first need to research your genre and identify the common elements of your genre. You will then need to create an original work in your genre that demonstrates the elements of your genre. You will present your original work to the class and discuss how it demonstrates the elements of your genre.

The main focus of this project will be a research report in which you accurately summarize the history, elements, and prominent examples of your genre. In your report, you will not be expected to make a difficult argument. Instead, your aim is simply to organize and present the information you discover through your research in an ethical and understandable manner. The research skills you learn in this project will be crucial for Project 4.

The main goal of this project is to learn how to perform research and how to use your research ethically. While doing so, you will need to identify and use the elements of the research report and the genre I assign to you. You will also consider the mixture of logos, pathos, and ethos characteristic of each genre. Finally, you will learn how to improve your writing by considering word choice and grammar while structuring your paper with paragraphs organized around a topic sentence.

Assignment Specifics

  • Elements Exercise:
    • After I randomly assign you a genre, you will need to create a list of bullet points detailing the “elements” of the genre. In other words, what aspects must a work include in order for it to be within your genre?
    • As support, you will need to include an annotated works cited page including at least four examples of your genre. Your works cited page will be formatted like a normal MLA works cited page, but under each citation, you will need to include three to five sentences revealing how each example reflects the elements of your chosen genre.
  • Original Work:
    • You will create a 1-2 page (or equivalent) unique product within your genre. The format should reflect the published examples in the genre.
  • Class Presentation:
    • You will need to make a presentation of approximately 5 minutes in which you present your original work and discuss why it demonstrates the elements of your genre.
  • Research Report:
    • You will need to write a 3-5 page research report about your genre in which you discuss (1) the history of your genre, (2) the elements of your genre, and (3) prominent examples of your genre. By reading your report, anyone unfamiliar with your genre should become familiar enough with it to recognize an example.
    • For your research report, you may only use scholarly sources. In other words, you may rely upon scholarly sources like in the library reference section, books by scholars in the field, and articles from academic journals. You cannot cite to web pages. Use the tools found in your Easy Writer to cite thoroughly and accurately.
    • While your report will not discuss all the readings from class, think about what those readings revealed about how to write a research report.

Due Dates

  • Elements Exercise: Due on November 1st
    • Submit through Elearning as a pdf using the Project 3: Elements Exercise dropbox.
  • Original Work: Due on November 1st
    • Submit through Elearning as a pdf using the Project 3: Original Work dropbox.
  • Class Presentation: Due by the end of the semester.
    • Each class, I will select a few people to present their original work at the start of the next class.
  • Research Report Rough Draft: Due November 13th.
    • Submit though Elearning as a pdf using the Project 3: Rough Draft dropbox.
  • Research Report Final Draft: Due November 15th.
    • Submit your final draft through Elearning as a pdf using the Project 3: Final Draft dropbox.


  • Elements Exercise: 10%
  • Original Work: 10%
  • Class Presentation: 10%
  • Rough draft: 10%
  • Final Draft: 60%

Only your final draft will be graded rigorously. For your elements exercise, original work, class presentation, and rough draft, I will assign grades using the check system. See the class syllabus for more details.

This project will comprise 25% of your final grade for the class.

Late Work

  • Your elements exercise, original work, and rough draft cannot be late. Failing to meet a deadline will result in a zero for that portion of your grade.
  • Your class presentation must be completed by the end of the semester. Failing to do so will result in a zero for that portion of your grade.
  • Your final draft may be turned in up to a week late. However, your grade on your final draft will decrease by 5% for every day overdue. If your final draft has not been turned in within a week, you will receive a zero.
  • Technological difficulties are not an excuse.


After you receive your grade for your final draft, I will permit you to turn in a revised version once to try to get a better grade. To receive a better grade, however, your revised version must demonstrate substantial improvement and revision. Superficial changes will not result in a better grade. You are encouraged to meet with me prior to turning in your revised version.

If you choose to revise your final draft, you may turn it in at any time in the semester prior to the scheduled final exam period. However, any late penalties you received from turning in your final draft late the first time will carry over to your revised version. You may turn in your revised version through Elearning as a pdf using the Revision dropbox.


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