Legal Experience

Prior to my current focus on teaching and research at Western Michigan University, I was a full-time general practice attorney for six years. I began practice at a busy law firm in rural southern Michigan before moving to Grand Rapids to start my own firm. I have been the lead attorney for individuals, businesses, property owners’ associations, and municipalities in a wide range of areas including criminal, business, bankruptcy, property, probate, child neglect, divorce, employment, and civil rights law. I have extensive civil and criminal trial and appellate experience.

Tyler v. Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Dep’t, probably my most known case, is a lawsuit against the federal government for violation of the Second Amendment. While not a gun owner myself or a member of the NRA, I took the case pro bono because of the important constitutional interests involved. I successfully appealed the case before an en banc panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. A few news articles on the case are listed below.